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Re-live your day with crystal clear sound and High Definition images..BigTime will capture everything one should expect in a fabulous wedding movie . but there's something more.
It's an important thing we've noticed the other guys often overlook . ..the personalities!
And that's what sets us apart.
We know how to set people at ease. Quite often your guests won't even realize we're there. It's taken years to perfect our methods and the results are happy customers.
Every one of our wedding movies is artfully edited and entertaining to watch. Our clients tell us they watch them again and again.

We capture emotions, the romance, action and sounds of your special day as we work unobtrusively. No one brings out the laughter, the emotions, the interesting anecdotes in the people you love quite the way we do.. and we do it in an unobtrusive way.

Your wedding video will become one of the most important keepsakes of your life, a treasured addition to your collection of memories. It will be there for your first anniversary and it will be there for your silver anniversary and beyond. These are the moments you will remember and treasure again as you share them with your children and, perhaps, their children as well. Entrust the preservation of your precious memories to BigTime and then enjoy your day!

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We loved Peri & the BigTime Video team!

For us, it was the best money we spent on our wedding and here's why. As a bride you are told over and over again how quickly your big day goes by and you think "ya, but I'm really going to stop and enjoy the day". The good news is we really did, but you still miss so much and your head is spinning with excitement, family, loved ones and of course your new husband/wife. Big time video did a GREAT job on getting all the little moments that you will treasure for a lifetime to come. I remember watching it for the first time and getting toally choked up saying "I can't believe how perfectly that they got that moment!". We sent it out to our family and friends and go comments like "wow! that's the best wedding video i've ever seen, and I don't even like these things!". We also heard "it brought the whole amazing day back to real time and we loved every second of it!". Of course as the bride and groom, we are over the moon that we have the whole day captured so we can watch it over and over - Thanks Peri! We love it! For us,

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